Deane Johnson Audition Air Check For Storz Broadcasting - 1961

Grahame Richards and Deane Johnson - 1966.

In 1961, I decided to pursue my dream of working for Storz Broadcasting. I prepared an audition tape for Grahame Richards, National Program Director for Storz. I had no way of knowing that Grahame already listened to KWMT and was a fan. Unbelievable. He went over my material with George Armstrong and it was decided I would be hired as Program Director for KOMA. Imagine, 25 years old and going to work for Storz Broadcasting. I never dreamed when I dropped that package in the mail I would soon have Storz business cards with Program Director after my name.

KWMT News, which opens this clip, was a compilation of stolen ideas from the "newsic" type formats. KWMT didn't have a Mackenzie, so it was produced by the rather unreliable cart machines of the day. Note that commercials were never run back to back, they were always separated with something. Even stations like WHB always separated the commercials. Microphones were RCA 77DX's

Deane Johnson
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