KIMN News with Jack Merker - 11/12/1960

Jack Merker in 1960.

Jack Merker in 1979.

As stations began to acquire MacKenzie Repeaters in the late 1950s, the possibilities for exciting production were just too great to ignore. Top 40 stations quickly began using the "MacKenzies" to create news "basics" like had never been heard before. It is believed that Bud Connell, one of the creative programming geniuses of the day, was among the first to use one of these machines for his news format at WNOE in New Orleans. Other's picked up his "sound" quickly.

This is KIMN's version, the number one station in Denver at the time. Jack Merker, the newscaster, went on to become a well known radio personality in San Diego. The announcer, or jock, on the air check with him is Glen Bell, KIMN Program Director, later to become President of the Stoner Stations based in Des Moines.

Jack was murdered at the age of 63 while being robbed in Palm Springs in 2001.

Deane Johnson
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