KOIL Deane Johnson Air Check - 1/20/69

Deane Johnson revives an umpire at Rosenblatt Stadium during a 1968 KOIL promotion.

KOIL was far different than many Top 40 stations of the day. It was more laid back and sounded less aggressive than the Storz Stations. Few creative chances were taken. Don Burden decided how things would be and that was what was done. Individual creativity was kept in the closet. Equipment was basic, but well maintained. There was no Mackenzie, no reverb systems. As a result, KOIL tended to be more adult oriented, which worked well since there were no Top 40 competitors to battle head-on.

Outside promotion was intensive, with every opportunity to become involved in community events being taken. Most promotions involved selling a commercial tie-in. KOIL promotions were well respected and easy to sell to advertisers.

This air check, on inauguration day in 1969, was made while I was substituting for Roger W. Morgan who was apparently ill. KOIL was located at that time in the new building at 8901 Indian Hills Drive. Microphones in use were RCA 77DX's.

Deane Johnson
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