KWMT Quality Jingle Series Sampler - 1957


In 1956 someone started a small jingle company in Dallas/Ft. Worth and named it Quality Jingle Company. Amazingly, KWMT paid $99 for the entire package of not-too-bad jingles for the era. These are the same jingles purchased by KOWH in the same year, that appear on the Sandy Jackson Theme clip on this site. The beds were all pre-recorded (a common practice), and a single female vocalist customized the call letters and city for each station. Since multi-track recorders were not yet in use, the customized call letter section would be one "tape generation" up from the rest of the jingle.

There are reports that stations paid as little as $10 for one of the jingle packages. That my be more believable when you view this receipt for "10 jingles for $15.00" in 1970. The company was in existence for some time, so somehow they must have been able to make ends meet on those rates. You'll have to agree, the jingles are pleasant to listen to.

Deane Johnson
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