WFUN Fundamental News - 10/23/61

Bud Connell in 2004.

According to Bud Connell, the second incarnation of his then famous action news format was created at WFUN, Miami, against Storz station WQAM.

As you can hear, Bud made exceptional use of the Mackenzie. In those days, programmers were free to be creative, not hampered by management, research, audience tests and other non-productive distractions. Radio was too exciting to turn off. It came from the minds of the programmers. The dramatic music punctuations and background beeps used in most of the "newsic" formats of the day came from the Victory At Sea albums.

The WFUN newscaster is Jim Kaye, who is actually Jim Mackrell, successful Hollywood actor, spokesman and voice over talent, and all around nice guy. Jim also hosted several national game shows, as well as working in Dallas radio in his early years.

Bud Connell had been very effective against Storz in New Orleans when he programmed WNOE. He repeated this success as he pitted WFUN against WQAM. As a result, Connell was chosen to program KXOK, St. Louis when Storz purchased it. This would be Todd Storz's most important station acquisition to date and the pressure for success was immense. With Jack Sampson concentrating on sales as General Manager, and Bud concentrating on programming, they hit a major home run.

Deane Johnson
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