WTIX - Deane Johnson Air Check - 5/10/66

WTIX was located at the tower site in a swamp near Chalmette, which was the beginning of it's problems. There were poisonous snakes and bugs everywhere, not to mention Hurricane Betsy in 1965. Guns were kept leaning against the wall by each door so you could shoot anything that looked threatening before going to your car. During exceptionally high tides, such as following Hurricane Betsy, water reached almost to the elevated studio floor and the only way in was by rowboat, which was subject to attack by the ever present water moccasins.

Deane Johnson rowing to the studios during an unusually high tide.
This air check was recorded during the last month of my tenure at WTIX, before leaving for WKYC in Cleveland. I basically hated being in New Orleans, and it showed badly in my work. I couldn't stand the vermin there, both human and animal, and the General Manager at that time was interested in everything but the station. It was simply a place to charge his bar bills to. After spending the years at KOMA with Jack Sampson, a superb manager, WTIX was a real let down for me.

Deane Johnson
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