Dr. Don Rose Audition for KWMT - 1956

Dr. Don Rose Remote At The Fort Dodge Sears Store - 1960.

This site was under contruction when I learned of the passing of "Dr. Don". The following paragraphs were written before that time and have been left as they were.

From this early audition tape it's easy to hear that Don Rose was a creative and talented individual at the age of 23. He demonstrates originality, maturity, and clarity of thought most 23 year olds have not yet acquired. Dr. Don somehow made his way to applying for a job at KWMT. He was hired by Burns Nugent as Program Director. Don implemented the Top 40 format on KWMT, which at the time was only 1KW, but covered a huge area with it's 540 kHz dial position and the rich Iowa soil. He put together a good sounding station, far better than its market size would dictate.

Don longed for bigger things and left to program KTUL in Tulsa. I was hired from KOOO as his replacement. Somehow, the KTUL thing didn't work out and Don came back as a member of the talent staff, until he moved to sister station WEBC in Duluth as Program Director.

By his own writings, Don had indicated he spent more time losing jobs in those early years than he did enjoying longevity. Then, Don struck gold at WQXI and WFIL for Paul Drew. He became a major and dominate success at these stations, and later moved to KFRC in San Francisco. At KFRC he was even more successful, and became one of the most famous and highly rated morning personalities in San Francisco history. During his KFRC days many felt he was the finest disc jockey in America. It would be hard to disagree with that opinion.

Deane Johnson
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